Transform Your Body in Three Easy Moves

Transform Your Body in Three Easy Moves

One of the hardest things about exercise isn’t that it’s hard, or that it makes you sweaty. It’s that it’s so difficult to know whether you’re making the right moves to finally get into shape. After all, the human body has well over 500 muscles. How can you possibly tone them all?

Fortunately, it’s a lot simpler than you might think to improve your body from top to toe. In fact, these fitness experts can get you trimmer, stronger and healthier in just three simple moves -- if they’re the right ones. Whether you’re a total exercise newbie, a weekend warrior or a bonafide gym rat, we’ve got just the right trio of strength exercises to tone your body all over. No matter which routine you choose, do 15 reps of each move (per side) one time through, resting 30 seconds or less between exercises, then repeat the whole series. Pick your level and let’s go!

If You’re a Newbie
Try this easy-to-master starter routine from fitness expert Wendy Batts. Aim to do it three times a week, leaving at least a day of rest between each workout to let your muscles recover.

1. Floor Bridge. Not only will this move work your butt big time, but it’ll also stretch out your hip flexors, which get super-tight from sitting all day. Do each rep nice and slow for the biggest benefit.

2. Wall Push-Up. This is a terrific way to work your arms and chest. Start by pushing off the wall -- then progress to your kitchen counter as you get stronger. Remember: The closer to the wall you bring your upper body, the stronger you’ll get.

3. Squat. This is perhaps the simplest but best move out there for your legs and butt. Make sure your knees track over your second and third toes as you squat -- push that butt back!

If You’re a Weekend Warrior
So you’re no stranger to sweat sessions -- good for you! Kick it up a notch with the perfect intermediate-level trio of moves from fitness expert Mel Mueller. Grab a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band, and follow our fitness experts through the Squat Curl & Overhead Press, Tubing Shoulder Press and Kneeling Push-Up. Do the routine three times a week, taking a day off for rest (or cardio) in between.

If You’re a Gym Rat
Sure, you know what you’re doing -- but sometimes you just don’t have the time for a full-on workout. When you’re crunched, sneak in this powerful multi-muscle triplet from the National Academy of Sports Medicine: Step-Up Balance Curl to Press, Squat to Row and Push-Ups.

Three simple moves, one amazing body makeover. Who said exercise had to be hard?

Medically reviewed in November 2019.

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