Why should I schedule my exercise?

John Preston, PsyD
It helps to schedule your exercise time. Use the same calendar, day planner, or handheld device to schedule your exercise sessions that you use to schedule your work and home life, including setting a reminder alarm for yourself. In this way, you’ll show yourself that your health is as important to you as all of your other responsibilities are.
When you schedule your exercise, you make it part of your day, and it minimizes the chance of you missing your workout. It also gives you accountability to yourself, and  perhaps even a partner if you train with one. When scheduled into your day, you know what is coming down the road, and it gives you something to prepare for mentally, and look forward to!

One of the best ways to stay consistent with individual fitness goals, and maintain continued success is to schedule your exercise time. 

Most people don't realize how important scheduling exercise is.  We go through life with so much on our plate that a lot of things get side tracked.  So if you don't have your exercise days and times scheduled you will more than likely find something else to take its place.  So like most things in your life that you do have schedule for make a plan to schedule exercise and you will be giving back to your body.

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