What workouts can I do if I want to take a break from my exercise routine?


If you want to take a break from your current exercise routine you can choose to do something that is different. This will give your body a chance to work different muscles and in different ways. For example if your primary form of exercise is bike riding, then mix it up by hiking instead. If you do a lot of weight training, then try rock climbing class or power yoga. If you swim on a regular basis, then switch to running a few times per week. Including a variety of activities during the course of a week can help you avoid boredom and keep you from overtraining. This is called cross-training, and allows you to stay fit without over training which can cause injury and fatigue. Experts recommend occasionally carrying your workouts in such a manner to improve fitness and decrease the risk of injury.

Brooke Randolph
Marriage & Family Therapy
When taking on a workout routine and sticking to it, a major complaint is often doing the same thing every day. It can feel like you have given yourself a lifetime prison sentence and your life revolves around your workout. Even those of us who love our jobs need a weekend or vacation to stay excited about what we are doing. Everyone needs a change of pace. It is difficult to stay motivated when something is boring, especially since the pay off for diet and exercise is generally long term. Unless you are working out eight hours a day (with Bob and Jillian), you are unlikely to see the fast results that we watch on the Biggest Loser. When you are frustrated or bored, stick to it by changing it up.

Here are some workouts to try when you need a break from your regular routine:
  • Jog -- Running can be intimidating if you are not already doing it, but you never know what will happen if you give it a try. I was pressured into it and now I run half marathons.
  • Lift weights -- I have always found weight lifting to be a very satisfying workout when I have a program to follow.
  • Yoga -- This was another workout that I avoided without any good reason. Although there are times that I have difficulty focusing my mind, I generally feel energized and healthy when I finish a yoga workout. There are several varieties, so find one that sounds interesting or try something new.
  • Fitness video -- Utilize your local library and give a new workout a try. They will likely have everything from belly dancing to Tae Bo and P90X. Grab one from the 80s and be entertained by fashion and hairstyle choices while burning calories.
  • Take a class -- At least one day a week, you can spice up your routine by finding an interesting class at your local gym or dance studio.

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