What is Gyrotonic?

Mike Luque

GYROTONIC® is an exercise system that is complete in itself. In other words, if you're on GYROTONIC® equipment, you're doing GYROTONIC®. There are 5 pieces of GYROTONIC® equipment. The primary piece is the Tower Handle Unit, or Cobra. The specialized equipment pieces are: the Jumping Stretching Board, the Gyrotoner, the Archway and the Leg Extension Unit.

The movement in GYROTONIC® is full body, complete and circular. There isn't really an end to the motion, one repetition flows seamlessly into the next. There is resistance in all of the motions on all of the equipment, either weights, friction, bungees or gravity. (Believe me, gravity really counts as resistance on the Archway!) All your joints are moved through all their ranges of motion. While the roots of each motion are similar on each piece of equipment, each piece asks your body to be in a different position or to execute the movement in a different manner.

The most obvious benefit people feel at first is the stretching of muscles and the opening of joints. As you develop, connectivity and strength take the fore.

As a biased practitioner, I also say that there isn't an exercise system that more thoroughly integrates the breath within the motions. Every motion has a specific breath that goes with it. The intensity and the duration of the breath match the duration and intensity of the motion.

By varying the reistance, the range of motion, the tempo and other factors, the workouts can be tailored to the needs of the client, from a very precise and careful therapeutic session to an exhausting yet invigorating aerobic + strength workout.

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