How do I do a turning step-up balance to overhead press alternate arms?



  1. Stand to the side of a box or platform holding a dumbbell in each hand  at shoulder level, with feet shoulder-width apart and pointed straight ahead. Hips should be in a neutral position.
  2. Lift chest, retract shoulders slightly and tuck chin.


  1. Draw abs in, activate glutes and brace.
  2. Step onto box with near leg, keeping toes pointed straight ahead and knee directly over the toes.
  3. Push through front heel and stand upright, balancing, and lifting the other knee towards the chest.
  4. Once stabilized press one dumbbell overhead and return it to the shoulder.
  5. Repeat press with the opposite hand.
  6. Return lifted leg to the ground, keeping toes and knees aligned.
  7. Switch sides and repeat desired number of repetitions.
This is a great exercise to challenge your balance and work on your strength. You'll be working your glutes (butt muscles), quads (thigh muscles) and deltoids.  Try these steps:


Stand beside (facing sideways) a box or step with your feet pointed straight ahead, placed shoulder-width apart. 

Hold a pair of dumbbells, one in each hand, at your side keeping your head in a neutral position.

Contract your glutes, turn and step up onto the box/step with one leg.

Move the opposite hip and knee into a flexed position (knee up) and hold for a few seconds.

While stabilizing (balancing) your body in a single leg, standing position, curl your arms up to your chest and press one dumbbell over your head, fully extending your arm while maintaining proper balance, return that arm to your chest, press your other arm over your head the same way; return arm to your chest.

Complete the movement by rotating back to the starting position and returning the lifted leg back down to the ground and follow with the balance leg.

Remember to breath! Perform 8-12 repetitions on that side and then switch legs.

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