Should I get in shape before taking an exercise class if I'm overweight?

Most gyms have a people of all different shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. A good exercise instructor will cater their class to the current fitness levels of the majority of the class and will also offer modification you can do if a certain movement is too difficult for your current fitness level. Group exercise classes are good way to get in shape and enjoy fitness so enjoy!
Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
This is a very common question! You are not alone. Many of my clients have told me they felt like they needed to get in shape before coming to the studio. It reminds me of how my mom would have us clean the house before the house cleaner showed up! The first class is always the most intimidating. I encourage you to blast through those fears and show up. Here are some tips:
  • Take a tour of the studio before hand. Ask questions about what type of client works out there. Or, just take note. I bet you will see others like you there!
  • Go to class early, and talk to your instructor about any reservations you may have. This will demystify your experience and will help you connect to someone who is there to help you get to your goal. You can even email the studio or call if that is easier for you!
  • Bring a friend! One you can laugh with is preferable. I love it when I get new clients who are giggling in the corner together as they try to figure out barre3 and work through their anxiety together.

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