How do I prepare for the first day of working out?

Preparing for the first day of working out can be intimidating. Plan to spend your first day doing something you really enjoy and incorporate it into your day. If you are going to the gym, do some research ahead of time. What does your gym have that you are interested in doing? Pack your workout clothes the night before and leave them at the front door so you don't have to think about it the morning of.

There are several really good things someone can do to prepare for the first day of working out. Have a plan.

1. Decide what you are going to do during your workout. The best workout plan is a workout plan that incorporates the things you currently enjoy or something from your past (maybe when you were a child) that you had fun with. If your workout plan includes those elements it will help you keep motivated to continue exercising.

2. Decide where and when you are going to do your workout.

3. Put your workout in your schedule just like any other appointment.

4. Prepare your workout clothes the night before. An option also might be to find someone else to workout with.

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