Is jumping rope an effective form of exercise?


Jump rope is the holy grail of cardio exercise. It doesn't just burn calories it torches and blasts and -- well you get the idea. Your entire body will be toned in no time. I carry one in my purse or gym bag everywhere I go (even church where I run a fitness ministry!) It is fun and very versatile. I love to incorporate jump rope in my weight workout as a "finisher" exercise where I challenge myself to 150 skips or 60 seconds as fast as I can to get my heart pumping and body sweating. I rest for 1 to 2 minutes (depending on how hard I worked - whew!) before repeating my next round. Jump rope is cheap, fun and easy to learn so what is not to love? Try it today :)

Yes, jumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise that burns a lot of calories. It is inexpensive and you can do it almost anywhere. I like to add 30-60 seconds of jumping rope in between my strength training sets to keep my heart rate raised during my workouts.

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine

Do birds fly south in the winter in North America?  Jumping rope is one of the most effective forms of exercise because it:

   1. Burns up to 1,000 calories per hour.

   2. Tones your entire body -- arms, legs, trunk, and back.

   3. Is easy to learn (master's degree in Pilates not required).

   4. Improves your game, whether you golf, swim, ski, or play tennis.

   5. Is totally cheap (ropes can start at $3.99) and portable (a 4-foot by   6-foot area by 8 to 10 feet tall depending on your height is all you need).

   6. Looks cool . . . check out those boxers at the gym who know what they're doing.

   7. Can be a solo or group workout.

   8. Is gender neutral.

   9. Is family friendly. Give your kids a rope, too!

  10. Can be a blast. Make up some jump rope tricks, and have fun with it.

So hearken back to your schoolyard days and start jumpin!

It is a great form of exercise it burns more calories than almost any other form of aerobic workout you can think of, about 10 calories a minute.    It also tones your upper and lower body at the same time.

Jump roping is an awesome form of exercise. It's actually one of my personal favorite forms of cardio training. Jumping rope is fun, requires very little equipment, can be done pretty much anywhere, and burns a lot of calories! Jumping rope is also a great exercise for children. Next time you jump rope, challenge your children to a game of who can jump the longest without getting caught in the rope. This can turn into a really fun game.

Yes. Jumping rope can be a very effective,low-cost form of exercise.Jumping rope, a relatively simple exercise,can be great for improving cardiovascular endurance, eye-hand coordination, lateral movement, agility,and foot and hand speed.

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