Initially how many days a week should I exercise?

Knowing that your eventual goal is to be moving for at least thirty minutes every day, you could start by exercising in a more “formal” way 3 times a week. By that I mean, take a fitness class, walk with a friend, do a video at home. In other words, that your workout is the focus of the time spent. 

On the other days, try to accumulate more activity by parking father from your destination, taking the stairs, working in the yard, those sorts of things. A good goal on those days would be to accumulate 10,000 steps.

To maintain current fitness level: Exercise 2-4 days a week (at least 20 minutes).

To lose weight: Exercise 4 or more days a week.

Robert S. Kaufmann, MD
Internal Medicine
If you can do it without pain and injury you should do something everyday.  Always listen to your body and do not believe no pain no gain!  Remember 1 day is better than no days.
Depending on your goal, work and family life will determine how many days a week you should exercise. Realistically, think of how many days you can commit to exercising with everything else going on in your life. If you can only commit to 1-2 times per week, then that is where you need to start. I would rather have someone exercise once a week rather than sitting around and just thinking about exercising. 

A fitness professional can help create an individualized exercise program that fits into your lifestyle and goals.
Start exercising one or two days a week for 10-20 minutes and see how that feels. More is not always better. It's better to start off with a manageable amount of exercise (incorporate roughly 15-20 minutes a day) and see how your body responds. Starting off with too much, too soon can lead to drop out.

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