How many calories do I burn dancing?


The number of calories you burn dancing depends on how much you weigh and how much you exert yourself. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds and do slow ballroom dancing for 10 minutes you might burn about 30 calories. But you would burn twice that many calories with an aerobic dance such as ballet.

Just because dancing is fun doesn’t mean it’s not a real calorie burner. Below is a list of dance styles and how many calories you can expect to sweat off as you move your feet.

  • Ballet or modern, twist, jazz, tap, jitterbug: 258 calories per hour
  • General dancing, including Greek, Middle Eastern, hula, flamenco, belly and swing dancing: 238 calories per hour
  • Ballroom, dancing fast: 306 calories per hour
  • Disco, folk, square, line dancing, Irish step dancing, polka, contra and country: 238 calories per hour
  • Waltz, foxtrot, slow dancing, samba, tango, 19th century, mambo, chacha: 136 calories per hour
  • Traditional American Indian dancing, including Anishinaabe Jingle Dress Dancing: 306 calories per hour

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