How can I work up to exercising five days a week?


The first mistake with exercise is to not give the body time enough to adapt to the new routine. Progression should be slow and only done when the body is physically ready to handle the challenge. Begin by tackling small goals that lead to the ultimate goal of 5 days per week. First begin by increasing the amount of time spent exercising per day. After that, increase the intensity you workout each day. Once your body has adjusted to these two changes, then add 1 light day of exercise at a time. Remember that a 30 minute walk with your dog counts. You do not have to lift weights and run every day. You should always mix up the routine type and the exercise routine intensity from day to day.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your long-term goal is to do cardio (or “aerobic”) exercise at least five times per week. Of course, the more the better, if you are able.
If you need to set up small, more achievable temporary goals, aim to get cardio in at least three times per week. If this frequency goal seems difficult, remember you can adjust the intensity of the exercise and how long you exercise each day so that you can achieve this frequency goal first.
Research shows the frequency of physical activity is very important for reducing many heart-related risk factors, including blood pressure, stress, and blood sugar for people who have diabetes. So, even if you have to start slowly - for example with 5 to 10 minutes of walking 3 times a week - you will begin to build another heart-healthy habit when you regularly set aside time in your week for physical activity.
Remember to discuss any exercise program with your physician before you begin. Your physician can make recommendations based on your current fitness level, health history, and physical fitness goals.

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