How do I exercise my whole body in a short amount of time?

Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
I am big on multi-tasking the body to maximize each minute. Think of exercises you can combine together. In barre3, fore example, we do lunges for the lower body while doing arm raises for the upper body. Plank pose is another highly efficient posture. It is a great way to build total body strength from the inside out in a short amount of time.
An effective way to exercise the whole body in a short period of time is to perform a circuit training program. Circuit training is performing a series of exercises done one right after the other with no rest period in between. Pick a circuit routine that will alternate upper body with lower body movements to get a full body circuit done in a short period of time. Perform an upper body exercise, then lower body exercise and perform 5 of each kind in order without stopping. Rest 1-2 minutes then perform the same second again, rest 1-2 more minutes than perform it one more time. This will give you a very effective total body works out in a very short time.

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