How do I perform a barbell squat?

Chris Embry
When performing the squat, think about sitting back rather than sitting down.  Push your hips back while spreading your knees and be sure to keep your chest up.  Your head should be facing straight ahead.  It helps to pick an object in front of you to keep your eyes focused on.  Try to lower yourself to the point where your hip joint is parallel with your knee joint.  This will engage your hamstrings and ensure you are going through the full range of motion. You may need to lower the weight but you will be working more muscles.  The squat is a great exercise to add to your routine as it works around 70% of your total muscle. While it is mainly considered a leg exercise, a good deal of your upper body is used to stabilize the weight.
Stand with your feet pointed straight ahead and placed shoulder-width apart.  Rest a barbell on your shoulders, with the bar placed behind your neck and hands grasping the bar wider than shoulder width apart.  Slowly squat, bending your knees, pushing your hips back and keeping your feet straight.  Squat three-quarters of the way down.  Keep your chest up, contract your glutes and press through your heels as you return to the starting position.

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