How do I perform a single leg cable extension alternate arm?

Wendy Batts
When performing a single-leg, alternating-arm cable extension exercise you want to first select the amount of weight on the cable machine that you want to use. Next, stand on one leg making sure that your foot is pointed forward, your glutes are squeezed and your abs are drawn in. Be sure that your other foot that is off the ground remains close -but not touching- the other leg you are standing on. With arms fully extended, hold the handles in each hand and start with them in front of your body, around eye level.  From this position, while keeping both arms straight, bring one hand to the side of your body, squeezing shoulder blades together and making sure your shoulders remain in a down and back position.  Pause, return to the starting position and then repeat on the other side. Perform this exercise for the desired number of repetitions and sets on each side.
Stand on one leg with your foot positioned straight ahead and knee slightly bent.  Grab a cable in each hand with your arms extended in front of your body at eye level.  Keep your arms straight and bring one extended arm to the side of your body, contracting shoulder blades together.  Hold the end position and then return your extended arm to the starting position.  Repeat with the opposite arm.

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