How can I avoid overdoing exercise?

Listen to your body. Your body will tell you if you are exercising too much. Excessive muscle soreness lasting greater than 3 days and joint pain are signs you are working too hard. To avoid make sure to add rest days and recovery days in to your weekly routine. Believe it or not rest is the most important component when attempting to improve muscle strength or cardiorespiratory endurance. Rest allows for cellular adaptations to occur and muscles to be rebuilt.

Adding 1 recovery day is also very important. A recovery day is simply a light workout day. Instead of running three miles, do a slow 10 minute jog. If weight training, perform 20-30 minutes of light core work instead of heavy lifting. Adding two days of rest and 1 recovery day to your weekly routine will prevent over training.

First and foremost listen to your body.  If are tired, if you do not feel recovered after training then chances are you are in a overtrained state.

In our business and with my clients I focus on the emphasis of Easy and Effective strategies.  Unless you are a high level athlete you do not need to spend hours a day exercising in order to get in great shape.  Balance is the key in fitness.

If you are eating sufficient calories to supply necessary body needs but yet below what you burn then you will lose fat.  If you are active (30-60 minutes per day) and involve some strength you will burn calories and keep your body strong.

Weight loss and fitness do not have to be difficult as much as people try and make it.  The number one key to not overdoing it is to make a decision to live in balance in your fitness life.  Make it a change permanently in your life, eat the appropriate amount of food and enjoy yourself, move but do not do too much and that balance will result in a life long fitness lifestyle that will keep the results coming.

People who eat poorly will generally exercise too much because they are trying to make up for too many calories consumed and it never works.  If you log your food, track your calories you will notice that you are able to manage your weight much easier.  Balance is the key!

Both professional and recreational athletes need time off to let their body recover. A day off now and again is a good idea. The key is mixing in different exercises and doing a variety of different activities. For example, if you want to work out several times a week, do weights for different body parts or different forms of cardio exercises every day. This will help keep you from overtraining one particular body part.

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