Am I healthy enough to engage in my favorite forms of fitness?


A great question that seems to indicate you have concerns that you may not be healthy.

For your general health and before starting a fitness program, it’s always a good idea to get a physical from your health care provider.

If you haven’t yet seen your health care provider, for medical clearance, you should go for a complete physical and blood tests for a full understanding of your health status and general fitness. 

Any physical restrictions from your health care provider should be addressed with a fitness professional before engaging in your favorite forms of fitness.

Determining if you are healthy enough for any activity depends on the current fitness level of the individual.  If you are uncertain of your status you should consult a physician or health and fitness professional.  Both can provide you with an accurate assessment.
First and foremost consult your physician before starting any exercise regimen. Then acquire the proper assessments to provide the right program for you. I would highly recommend the expertise of Nasm certified personal trainers to help you achieve your needs and goals.

This depends greatly on your current level of physical condition and your fitness activity of choice. A simple screening process by a qualified health of fitness professional can help determine whether you are ready to engage in a particular activity. Seek out specialists in the areas of fitness you are considering taking part in to determine your readiness for your favorite activities.

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