How do I establish a routine if I am a beginner and new to exercise?

JJ Virgin
Health Education
Check with your doctor to make sure you're in sufficient shape to begin an exercise program. Steady walking for 30 minutes is always a smart start. My favorite exercises for fat loss and getting lean and toned are burst training and weight resistance.

Committing to a new path of health and fitness is an exciting decision and may encourage you to make some changes in your daily routine.  A great way to get going is to seek out a certified personal trainer at your local gym or online at and learn some basic techniques for exercises that you can do on your own or with a group.  Being accountable to someone else, whether it is a workout partner or a trainer is a surefire way to help establish some positive changes and get you moving in the right direction.

Figuring out how to commit to a health and fitness routine is one of the most difficult hurdles you will face when it comes to pursuing fitness. Lifestyle changes are never easy, and they take high levels of commitment to successfully implement. The good news is that once a routine is established maintaining it is much easier. To make fitness a permanent part of your life, you will need to transform your irregular exercise habits into a committed routine. There are some methods or tricks you can use to make this transformation a bit easier. First, you will want to convince yourself that fitness is a habit you would like to integrate into your life. In this case, fitness would include not only physical activity but also proper nutrition. Choosing activities you enjoy, finding a workout partner, maintaining a set schedule, logging your physical activity and nutrition, and monitoring your progress can all help increase your motivation and transform your routine into habit. However, it is important to note routine does not mean that you do the same activities all of the time. In this case, routine means that you set aside scheduled time to pursue your fitness goals. Varying your physical activities and modifying your program based on your progress are both important factors in continuing to experience success and maintain motivation. If you plan on establishing a resistance training program, be sure to include flexibility exercises before and after every workout and start with building stabilization and muscular endurance by training at low to moderate loads with minimal rest in between each set.

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