How can I change my body shape?


If you're apple-shaped, certain types of exercise may give you better results, while others may be more helpful if you're a pear. In this video, exercise physiologist and fitness trainer Geralyn Coopersmith talks about ideal workouts for women.

People come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Three body types form the basis for the shape we have. They are known as the ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. The ectomorph has a small frame and bone structure, has lean muscle, and tends to stay thin. The mesomorph has a larger frame and bone structure, looks naturally athletic, and can  build lean muscle mass more easily, yet also gain fat more easily. The last body type, the endomorph, is usually short and solid. Weight gain is easy, and weight loss is difficult.

To change your shape is impossible, but to change your physique is an attainable goal. Learn to work with your body type, understanding how your metabolism works, and how your body responds to exercise, and accordingly set goals to alter your physique to your liking.

Body shape is obviously made up of many different factors but a huge contributor to the shape of any person't body is the amount of body fat that they are carrying.  By reducing body fat you can dramatically alter shape.  Just as increasing body fat dramatically alters body shape.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

Genetics may play a role in some of our shapes and sizes, but you do have the ability to tweak, push, and shove your body's chemistry to eventually change your shape and size. While there's also help that comes in the form of scalpels and fat vacuums, you can make changes the old-fashioned way: With a little bit of chemistry, a little bit of know-how, and a little bit of gumption to get your marshmallowy middle off the couch. You can have the most effect by targeting your satiety center (the part of the brain driven by the need for food, water, sex, and sleep), monitoring your cannabinoids (hormones which hinder the ability of insulin to push sugar into your cells), and adding and developing lean muscle through exercise and proper diet.

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