How can I exercise if I can’t find 30 minutes?

Jorge Cruise

You can stop looking for those 30 minutes: You only need five! In this video, fitness expert and author Jorge Cruise shares tips on when and how to exercise when time is at a premium.

Fitting in exercise and activity can happen without having to block out large chunks of time. Increasing activity can be as simple as small things as parking further away from work, walking to lunch, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to talk to co workers instead of calling or sending emails, parking as far away as you can when you go to the mall or shopping, or the movies. Doing chores around the house, gardening, mowing the lawn all count as physical activity. The key is to fit in activity throughout the day, instead of trying to block out large chunks of time. If you have 5 minutes in the morning perform some pushups and sit ups or some light stretching.   By adding small bouts of activity throughout the day you’ll improve your fitness, and it will be more manageable than trying to block out large chunks of time during the day.

Love the answer above.  Yes we know the ideal is to exercise at least 30 minutes a day and we also know that we can usually find time in the day but if you absolutely cannot find the time then it comes down to calories in versus calories out.

A device like an Exerspy ( can be very helpful.  The Exerspy helps you to calculate and monitor calories expended and if you spend just a few minutes a day you can log what you are taking in.

This will help you look at predictable patterns and see what your ratio of calories in versus calories out.  If you are not in a deficit then you can adjust your activity slightly (without adjusting your schedule) so you are in a negative calorie balance.  

The other importance about logging your food (which can be done through Sharecare) is you can lose weight by simply making better food choices and this can only be done by knowing what you are currently doing.

Emilia Klapp
Nutrition & Dietetics
Actually, any duration of physical activity counts over the course of the day. In 1996, Surgeon General Donna Shalala noted that the total amount of physical activity can be cumulative. Try parking as far as you can from the entrance to your office or the grocery store; pacing or doing jumping jacks in the living room during commercials while watching TV; and taking the stairs whenever possible. You also can use a pedometer, which will track your steps throughout the day. A recommended amount of steps is 5,000 to 10,000, which you can accumulate easily just by using stairs, doing chores, and running errands.

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