What is the best way to exercise to keep myself fit?


The best way to exercise and keep fit is to first set specific fitness goals that you want to achieve. The second best way to exercise is too get with a fitness professional that can put a specific resistance and cardio plan that will help one to reach your goals that have been put in place. The last step to stay consistent with your exercises is too plan out your month on specific times and days in your schedule you plan on working out.

There are many different ways to exercise that will help in keeping you fit. One of those ways that are effective is by performing resistance training circuits that have little to no rest between exercises. This way you can control your intensity by giving yourself more or less rest time.

There are certain things that you may do to make your exercise a good exercise and stay fit. You may start by setting goals (long term and short term goals). I would recommend first starting with a goal that can be reached within a short period of time, this will allow you to see results in a shorter period of time and motivate you to keep your exercise program going.

Many people make the best out of their exercise when they have motivation. Find a figure that motivates you, for example if your dream is to be in a sports magazine, try to look for someone who has been already there and how they got there. It’s all about consistency, discipline, and dedication. You may also want to find a workout partner to keep each other motivated. As you reach your goals, set new ones to keep you motivated.

Consistency is KEY. There is no "best way" to exercise.  Just doing it and keeping it going on a regular basis it's what's important. Too many people get caught up in one modality that they think they have to keep going on and if they miss a beat they are easy to give up. I encourage my clients to just move. Overthinking and putting too much effort into it can sometimes be counterproductive and if you are truly stuck and you don't know what to do you can simply walk and that will be much better than sitting on the couch upset over your "missed class" or cancelled appointment.

Having a work out partner can be a good way to mix things up and you can brainstorm over the work outs you're doing and the things you like to do. Enjoying your exercise is very important for keeping fit. If you try a class you just don't like or try to do an exercise that someone else wants to do ,you are more likely to give up and that for sure is not the best way to go.  Don't be afraid to try 5 different classes in five or ten days. There are some exercises that you might not like at first and then after you've tried it three or four times you end up  liking  it. So go in with an open mind and educate yourself the best you can. And of course have fun remembering that this Fitness is a journey, not a destination.  

The best exercise for you is the exercise you will actually do on a regular basis. And the best way to keep fit depends on your definition of "fit."  But, I assume you asked the question because you want more guidance than that. So, here are some general guidelines. 

An ideal fitness program will include cardiovascular training, resistance training and flexibility. You don't have to do all of those every day, but over the course of a week you want to cover those areas. So what might that look like?  You could put it together many different ways. For example, if you plan to exercise three days a week, you could walk 20 minutes, strength train for 20 minutes, and stretch for five minutes. For myself, I typically divide it up. Right now I'm on a program where I strength-train three days a week, and two days a week I do cardio and flexibility. 

The point is there are many different paths to fitness, depending on your current fitness level, your interests, your access to equipment, and your goals. I would love to help you tailor a program to fit your needs. I would also show you ways to progress your program over time, so as you become more fit you can take on new challenges that continue to keep your interest. Feel free to contact me and we'll get started! 

"Best" is a matter of personal opinion. If you can find an activity (walking, group classes, etc.) that you are able to consistently do, then that is the "best" for you. Depending on your fitness goals, there are different activities that are more appropriate for meeting your goals. If you haven't exercised in some time, check with your doctor then take small steps. Talking to a personal trainer is a great way to both assess your current fitness level and find activities that will help you on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

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