Managing Your Meds: Life with Insulin

7 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Insulin

Get the facts—and debunk the myths—about insulin treatments.

What is the Role of Insulin in the Body?
4 Do’s (and 3 Don’ts) of Insulin Injection
What to Do if Your Blood Sugar Drops

The balance between glucose, or sugar, and insulin in an individual’s bloodstream is a delicate one. For people with diabetes, glucose and insul...

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What Does an Insulin Response Test Measure?
Worst Case Scenario: I Forgot to Check My Blood Sugar

Blood sugar levels may indicate how your body is reacting to diet and exercise or your current diabetes medication, and can identify highs and lo...

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6 Foods That Won’t Cause Your Blood Sugar to Spike
Your Diabetes-Friendly Shopping List

What can you eat when you have diabetes? A lot! Just print this diabetic food list and use it to find tons of delicious, healthy options. Wh...

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The Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes

If you have diabetes, planning meals may seem at times like a walking on a tight rope. You can eat this, but not that. You can have some of this, but ...

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A Sweet, Super-Healthy Food for Diabetics: Strawberries

Got diabetes? Here's something easy and delicious you can do to avoid complications: Eat a handful of strawberries. A recent lab study found that ...

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