Living Well With Type 2 Diabetes

Everything You Need to Know About Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes numbers are on the rise in the U.S. But smart prevention strategies can help keep the epidemic at bay.
A Beginner's Guide to Exercising With Diabetes

Exercise is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle—use these 9 tips to get started.

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My Diabetes Story: David
Eating Out with Diabetes: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Restaurants can be a disaster zone for diabetes--know how to stay healthy.

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6 Bad Habits to Nix If You Have Diabetes

Bad health habits can lead to diabetes complications. Get a handle on diabetes with expert tips to keep blood sugar steady, avoid weight gain and more...

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What to Know—and What to Forget—About Diabetes

From who gets it to how to control it, here are seven must-know facts about type 2 diabetes.

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How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
3 Easy Ways to Manage Your Diabetes
The Common Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes
Get a Good Night’s Sleep for Better Blood Sugar
6 Foods That Won’t Cause Your Blood Sugar to Spike

People living with type 2 diabetes can eat these foods with confidence.

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Living Well With Type 2 Diabetes
Know Your Risk: Type 2 Diabetes
Your Diabetes-Friendly Shopping List Your Diabetes-Friendly Shopping List

Find out how to fill your fridge with delicious, healthy foods to help manage diabetes.

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How Type 2 Diabetes Affects Your Organs
How Diabetes Can Impact Your Sex Life
Which Type of Exercise Is Best to Manage My Diabetes?
How Glucose and Insulin Help Your Body Function
5 Diabetes-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Stay full all morning long—without spiking your blood sugar.

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Treating Your Type 2 Diabetes
Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
Diabetes-Friendly Snacks to Keep in Your Desk

Sate your midday cravings without spiking your blood sugar.

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See How Type 2 Diabetes Affects the Whole Body—Not Just the Pancreas
7 Tips for Traveling With Type 2 Diabetes

Don't let diabetes disrupt your vacation time.

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The Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes The Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes

If you have diabetes, planning meals may seem at times like a walking on a tight rope. You can eat this, but not that. You can have some of this, but ...

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Sip This Peanut Butter and Raspberry Smoothie