Healthy Choices for Type 2 Diabetes

8 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Diabetes Find out what's important to discuss with your healthcare provider.
Your Diabetes Team Your Diabetes Team

Learn how specialists such as endocrinologists, dietitians and diabetes educators can help you cope with diabetes.

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3 Reasons to Try a T2D Self-Management Education Program
5 Hacks to Help Stay Organized
5 Ways to Protect Your Heart When You Have Diabetes

Keep your heart healthy with these diabetes-friendly lifestyle changes.

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Diabetes-Friendly Comfort Foods

Try these delicious recipes from the American Diabetes Association.

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Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetes Tips on Eating for Better Blood Sugar

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10 Worst Foods for Your Blood Sugar

Avoid these not-so-friendly foods in your daily meals and snacks.

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8 Best Workouts for Diabetes

Try these fun, safe workouts for better blood sugar.

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4 Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home
The Best Time to Exercise With Diabetes The Best Time to Exercise With Diabetes

Choose the right time to work out for better blood sugar control.

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4 Trends in Diabetes Management 4 Trends in Diabetes Management

New methods for glucose readings, new types of insulin and other trends that might help you manage diabetes.

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5 Tips for Coping With Type 2 Diabetes