What should I be aware of when using intensive type 2 diabetes management?

If you seek to intensively manage your type 2 diabetes, keep the following suggestions in mind:

• If you manage your blood glucose with food and physical activity, you may
  need to add an oral diabetes medication.

•If you already take medication, you may need to add another pill, once-a-day
  insulin, or other inject able medication.

• If you already take insulin, you may need to take a more aggressive
  approach such as three or four shots a day. Your therapy might even be
  similar to a person with type 1 diabetes.

• You may choose to wear an insulin pump if you begin taking more frequent
  insulin shots.

• Watch out for weight gain that accompanies lowered blood glucose levels.
  You may need to add an extra workout a week to counteract the fact that
  you’re not losing as much glucose in your urine anymore.

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