How will I know if my type 1 diabetes treatment is working?

If you have type 1 diabetes, one way to find out if you're on track with your treatment is by checking your blood glucose several times a day using a blood glucose meter. Checking your blood glucose will help you make decisions about food, insulin and physical activity. Most people with type 1 diabetes check several times a day, usually before meals and at bedtime.

The ABCs of diabetes are:

  • A: the A1C or estimated Average Blood Glucose (eAG)
  • B: blood pressure
  • C: cholesterol levels

Also, keeping track of your diabetes ABCs will tell you if your treatment is working. Your health care team can also do regular checkups and special tests, such as checking your kidney function and doing a dilated eye exam each year. You need to be clear about treatment goals and what you're willing to do to reach them. For people with type 1 diabetes, keeping your diabetes ABC's as close to normal as possible reduces long-term complications.

Your plan needs to change over time. If you're not reaching your ABC goals, it's time to meet with your health care team and come up with a new plan.

You will know if your type 1 diabetes treatment (insulin injections) is working and whether your dose needs to be adjusted up or down by reviewing blood sugar readings on your glucometer device. Any changes in insulin dosing should be done with the guidance of your doctor.

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