How can I keep my gym workouts going when I travel?

Check to see if your hotel has a well equipped facility on premises. Many do. If not, try to find one that does. Use a map search tool or simply ask the concierge if there are any fitness centers nearby. Many hotels have arrangements for discounted or even free access for its guests. You can also check with your current gym to see if they have any reciprocal arrangements with other facilities. Many national chains will allow free access for a short visit when traveling.
A good way to help you stay fit on the road is to look for hotels with fitness centers. This will give you easy access to exercise equipment and will usually include at least a treadmill where you can engage in cardiovascular exercise. If you are staying somewhere without a fitness center call ahead to find out if there is anyplace nearby to walk. A local trail or even the mall can be a great place to stretch your legs – just remember to take necessary precautions for your safety in an unfamiliar area. You can also exercise right in your room. Exercise videos are a great way to stay in shape and can easily be packed in your luggage. Resistance bands and a yoga mat are also items you might want to consider packing for in-room exercise. Some major hotel chains even offer the rental of small exercise equipment such as these items for a small daily fee. The key to staying on top of your workouts is just a little pre-planning.

There are a few options that may be of value towards maintaining your workout routine when on travel. Nowadays, many hotels provide a recreational room that has fitness equipment for their guest. Also, many fitness centers have a travel pass system for members that take a trip to a city that has the same club and want to use the facility during their stay. Another option is purchasing a day, weekly, or monthly pass. Many fitness centers sell these types of passes to non-members for a reasonable fee.

If none of the above options are available at your disposal while on travel, I would recommend starting a program that utilizes a total body system such as TRX, super bands, speed_agility_quickness (SAQ) training, circuit training, interval training, calisthenics, or an obstacle course. Any one of these methods will challenge yourself to research and implement a program that will contribute to your goal of working out while on vacation.


One of the best tools to invest in is resistance bands. They are compact enough to fit into luggage (even carry ons) and versatile enough for any workout. They can go from adding resistance to squats to aiding in stretching the hamstrings at the end of your workout. Most hotels are now equipped with gyms, but that is not always a guarantee. I suggest investing in resistance bands and thinking creatively. You can always count on body weight based exercise to keep your muscle mass lean and expect an effective workout. When on the go, you can power up your laptop and head over to this site for full body weight based routines as well as clever push up and squat variations.


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