How can I stay active during a vacation?

Brooke Randolph
Marriage & Family Therapy
Here are a few suggestions for an active vacation:
  • Take a bike tour
  • See every painting or exhibit in a museum
  • Run or walk on the beach (the sand can increase difficulty)
  • Experience the local night life and go dancing
  • Hike the trails
  • Climb a waterfall or "rock hop" (as a child, we traversed mountain rivers by hopping from rock to rock)
  • Pack your tennis shoes and save cab fare
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator, in the hotel
  • Do not use the moving sidewalks in the airport or plan a short layover so you have to run gate to gate carrying your luggage
  • Walk the escalators in the metro or subway (you'll look less like a tourist)
If your vacation is away from home, take advantage of new surroundings by going for walks, exploring different areas or neighborhoods, or going on tours. If there is good sightseeing, do as much of it as you can by walking, as opposed to just looking from a bus. If you're staying in a hotel, take advantage of available facilities like a pool or gym. If you're having a "stay-cation," take advantage of not having to go to work by going out for bike rides or other activities that you can't usually do because of your work schedule. Regardless of where you are, there are always small things you can do like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking your car a little farther from store entrances, or even getting up to change the channel on the television instead of using the remote.

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