Is traumatic brain injury (TBI) more common among returning veterans today?

Pam Hays
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Traumatic brain injury is referred to as the "signature wound" of today's wars. According to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (Deptartment of Defense, Centers of excellence for Pshychological Health) in 2000 there were 10,953 diagnosed traumatic brain injuries and in 2009 there were 28,946 diagnosed traumatic brain injuries within all branches of the armed forces. The military is working on ways to diagnose traumatic brain injuries more effectively. Education is key, since symptoms of TBI will show up in a veteran's life during their reintegration into their communities. Families and loved ones need to understand the signs and symptoms to look for as they are seeing the challenges in their daily lives.
Lakeshore Admin
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) appears to be an increasingly common injury among returning veterans. However, according to experts at the Lakeshore Foundation, TBI was likely just as prevalent in the past -- it was just not as frequently detected or diagnosed. Recently, mandatory screenings for brain injury have been instituted for wounded veterans, so TBI can now be found and treated more effectively. Because of increased understanding of TBI in the medical community, some veterans who have been participating for years in rehabilitation for other injuries have recently been found to have TBI as well. Once it is diagnosed, TBI can be addressed through recreation therapy or other types of therapy, even years after the initial trauma.

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