How do I receive a proper diagnosis of polytrauma?

To receive a proper diagnosis of polytrauma, when you come into the emergency room (ER) doctors first go through the ABCs of emergency medicine. They check your Airway, your Breathing and your Circulation. They make sure that you have an airway that's protected and that you are breathing on your own. They will look for major injuries and make sure those injuries are taken care of. They make sure you don't have a collapsed lung and that you're not bleeding out. They will look at secondary injuries after that. Those are the main things that they are going to address first. Assuming all those things are okay, they'll look at things like extremity injuries and less life threatening injuries, to fully take care of a person with polytrauma.

Since polytrauma severely affects many areas of the body at once and in highly unpredictable manners, it is not easy to link the symptoms to particular locations of the body. Symptoms of brain damage, for instance, can produce nausea and vomiting, while cold intolerance and sexual dysfunction can result from various origins including the brain.

To ensure proper diagnosis and treatment, make sure the healthcare specialist understands the complexity of your  injuries. What's ailing your body may be caused by your brain and vice versa, so make sure the doctor examines both your body and brain. The physician should also refer you to a team of specialists including neorologists and endocrinologists who should work together to treat you from head to toe.

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