How to Prevent Winter Falls

How to Prevent Winter Falls

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trots get thousands of folks from Maine to Southern California and scores of places in between (Franklin, TN; Tallahassee, FL; and St. Charles, MO, for example) up and running BEFORE the day of over-indulgence kicks in. And we say, “Bravo!” to everyone who participates in this important step towards a younger RealAge. ‘Cause everyone knows the holidays are a slippery slope—and many of you are headed for weight gain. According to a recent study, it’ll average about 0.4 percent of your body weight—or 6 pounds if you weigh 150—by the time New Year’s rolls around.

But that’s not the only slippery slope you want to avoid during the holiday season: Winter slips and falls on icy, snowy ground send hundreds of thousands of folks to the ER—20,000 in Ontario, Canada, alone. And that’s why the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute created a brand new way to make sure your winter boots keep you safe from falls. You can visit their “Rate My Treads” site at and find your boots’ slip-resistance rating. Toronto Rehab evaluated 98 pairs—90 of them failed to meet minimum slip-proof standards! WOW!! A 90+ percent failure rate!

Fortunately, some boots do have the traction you need. To get your winter off to a running start look for slip-resistant soles made from Green Diamond or Vibram Artic Grip (they show up on some very popular brands). Slip on a pair of those ice-defying puppies and you’ll slide into the new year without a worry.

Medically reviewed in February 2019.

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