As a Sharecare Transformer, how do you boost your metabolism?

I boost my metabolism several different ways:

  1. By eating every 3 hours. I eat breakfast within one hour of rising and eat every 3 hours after. By doing this metabolic furnace stays revved up and it increases your basal metabolic rate! Thus keeping the calorie burn high throughout the day!  This also keeps insulin levels steady so you don’t have the insulin spike and crash. So I have 3 full meals per day and snacks in between
  2. I eat protein at EVERY meal. Protein increases metabolism and helps you stay full longer
  3. I do cardio and strength training at least five days per week. Exercise burns body fat by torching calories! I love HIIT (high intensity interval training) the most because you can maximize the workouts and calorie burn in LESS time and strength training builds lean muscle mass! Lean muscle mass increases and burns more calories at rest. So the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn!

These 3 things are the most important ways for me to keep my metabolism high and my energy up!

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