As a Sharecare Transformer, how do you avoid food cravings?

Even though I do eat 5 times a day, balance my proteins and carbs appropriately, and calorie load in the morning with good wholesome foods - I still get cravings often. Knowing that when I do get my cravings it could very well be from dehydration, I will grab a glass of ice water. If I'm at a point where I know water just won't cut it and I need something with flavor - I will drink a hot tea - preferably a rooibos herbal blend with orange and cinnamon or ginger orange pu-erh. The warmth tricks the stomach, the flavor is satisfying, I don't have to add sugar (because of the great flavor) so that doesn't mess with my sugar levels, and I don't feel guilty! Those things are easy if I'm home.

What if I'm out and about and that fast food really does just seem easy? I take a stainless steel bottle of ionized water when I'm going to run errands to stay hydrated. Because I plan my snacks for the week ahead of time, it's easy to pop a snack sized baggie of "chickpea popcorn" or homemade trail mix in my purse to take off the edge. It requires discipline and sometimes it's really just mental. I leave myself sticky notes on the fridge and in the pantry "you've worked SO hard to get where you are - don't blow it now."

I avoid food cravings by not depriving myself. I try to eat very balanced meals and include treats (ice cream or cheese) in my daily meal plan so that I don't feel like I've been missing something, which always seems to lead to cravings. I have also noticed that my food desires (similar to cravings but not as strong) have changed. If I have really good seasonal fruits/veggies I crave them rather than chocolate or chips. I think that's progress!!  :)

The main way that I avoid food cravings is trying to make sure that I don't get too hungry at any point. Besides really choosing foods that are filling and satisfying and good for me, I also make sure I have my snacks in my pocketbook so that I don't get caught off guard. I make sure I am hydrated, as many times my hunger is because of that. I will grab a cup of tea or coffee to get me through sometimes.

But, in order to get some things that I just keep craving out of my mind, I look up the Weight Watchers point’s value and count it and enjoy every bite of what I thought I just had to have. After I do that a few times, sometimes I really decide I don't love it that much to give up all those points. The other great thing is that today, so many people have taken your favorite comfort foods and made them just as good, if not better, substituting healthier low fat, low calorie ingredients. I've actually made a few recipes that I like better than the original.

The key for me is to move away from what I can't have, but find something that I can have in its place that I absolutely love. Then I don't miss it anymore. 


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