What are the treatment options for toxoplasmosis?

If you are infected by toxoplasmosis but are otherwise in a good condition, you do not require treatment as your body is fighting the disease on its own. For individuals who suffer from the symptoms of toxoplasmosis, doctors recommend taking pyrimethamine, sulfadiazine, and folic acid. These medications also help in babies infected with toxoplasmosis and individuals who have a weakened immune system. For mothers who are infected with the parasite but have not yet passed it to their baby, doctors recommend the antibiotic spiramycin.

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How does Toxoplasma affect the eyes?
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What is congenital toxoplasmosis?
Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
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What are the complications associated with toxoplasmosis?
Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
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