Is having sensitive teeth a serious problem?

That depends on how sensitive your teeth are and what is causing the sensitivity. If your teeth are so sensitive that you avoid cold or hot foods and beverages, then the situation is affecting your quality of life. Sensitive teeth are often caused by cavities or gum disease. Left untreated, painful dental infections can occur. The bottom line is that you need to see your dentist to find out what is making your teeth sensitive and what treatment options he or she recommends.
Sensitive teeth can cause real discomfort, but the seriousness of the problem may have more to do with the underlying dental condition that caused the sensitive teeth. For example, someone with sensitive teeth caused by advanced gum disease (periodontitis) may also be at risk for stroke, heart attack, and, for women, giving birth to a premature baby. In such cases, proper tretament of their periodontitis is imperative. On the other hand, someone who has sensitive teeth due to a crack may simply need a dental restoration. Your dentist is the best person to correctly diagnose the cause of your sensitivity and to advise you on what treatment you need.

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