How is tooth sensitivity diagnosed?

It is important to determine the cause of tooth sensitivity in order to treat it properly. Your dentist will perform a series of tests beginning with a visual examination. Next, tests involving temperature and pressure will be done. If necessary, an x-ray may be needed in order to determine the exact cause of the sensitivity so that the proper steps can be taken to treat the cause of the problem.

Sensitive teeth are usually first noticed by the patient after eating certain foods or brushing and flossing causing pain. If you experience this problem, contact you dentist. Sensitive can be treated. A dentist must first determine the cause of the problem in order to offer appropriate treatment, and this can be done by a visual examination or x-rays.

Your dentist will examine your teeth with a probe, called an explorer, to determine if there is decay and exposed roots. X-rays can also help determine if tooth decay or nerve problems might be causing your sensitivity. If there is, your dentist may recommend a filling, a root canal treatment and better oral hygiene practices, fluoride mouth rinses.

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