Why might I need tooth removal and extraction?

Although there are times when a tooth can be saved with a filling, a crown, root canal treatment and/or gum treatment, the patient may elect for any number of reasons to have the tooth extracted rather than undergo extensive involved and possibly costly treatment. Also, there are times when even with extensive multi-faceted treatment, the prognosis may still be questionable, or even poor.

Furthermore, there can be situations where a tooth fracture or decay is so extensive that although treatment can be performed, the tooth cannot be properly restored so that eventually the tooth will require removal and/or the tooth can be a constant source of problems.

Tooth extractions are not fun but are sometimes necessary to help you keep your smile. Listen as Dr. Maria Lopez Howell explains the common reasons teeth sometimes need to be extracted.

There are a number of reasons why your dentist may suggest that you have tooth removal and extraction. Usually, teeth will be removed if they are unable to be restored from decay or infection. You may have cavities that could make an entire tooth rotten, one tooth could be aligned in a strange way so that it crowds out your other teeth, or your tooth could be infected. Teeth may be removed prior to braces to create extra space

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