What happens during a surgical tooth extraction?

A surgical tooth extraction is performed when a tooth is hidden below the gum line. An oral surgeon will cut into your gum and pull back the gum to expose the tooth before  removing it.

A surgical tooth extraction entails the gums to be reflected and removal of bone around the tooth to gain better access to a tooth. Teeth that have curved roots and need to be divided or a tooth that has fractured at the gum line may need a surgical extraction. Wisdom teeth that are impacted or malpositioned will require surgical extraction as well. 

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When should I call my dentist for problems after a tooth extraction?
You should call your dentist if your swelling gets worse or if you have a fever, chills, redness, or...
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When should I call my doctor after tooth removal and extraction?
Some bleeding, pain, swelling, and bruising is normal in the few days following your tooth removal a...
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How can I decrease bleeding after a tooth extraction?
Jerry P. Gordon, DMDJerry P. Gordon, DMD
Keep direct pressure on the area by biting firmly on dental gauze and change the gauze every 20 minu...
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What steps can I take to prevent the need for a tooth extraction?
Rita MedwidRita Medwid
Prevention is the key with tooth brushing and especially flossing. Take the floss below the gum line...
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