How do I prevent tooth erosion?

Erosion of the enamel of the teeth occurs due to acids in the diet in such foods and liquids as soda, wine and citrus fruits. The acid softens the enamel causing it to become thinner and even erode completely, especially at the gum line. The softened enamel can then even be worn in normal brushing.

Enamel may also be eroded when a person suffers from certain eating disorders due to frequent increased acid in the oral cavity.

Although saliva will often neutralize the acid in the mouth, it can be overpowered by the acid in foods that are ingested and then erosion will result. 

To prevent erosion it is important to minimize the foods that may cause it. This may often be soda, high in sugar and acid, and citrus products. Even if you say that you only have one soda a day, if you nurse it all day and the teeth are continually bathed in the acid, this will create a problem!

Also various newer toothpaste formulations available can help with remineralizing enamel.

Tooth erosion, a condition that happens when acids eat away at your tooth’s surface, can be prevented through several basic oral hygiene steps. Avoiding foods with added sugars will help. Drinking lots of water along with regular tooth brushing (two times a day for two minutes) and flossing can also help you prevent dental erosion.

To prevent tooth erosion, cut back on the amount of acid in your diet. Drink fewer carbonated sodas and juices. When you drink them, use a straw and avoid holding them in your mouth for long periods of time. Try to rinse with water after drinking but wait an hour before brushing your teeth. 


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