Is there a cure for fissured tongue?
There is no cure for fissured tongue. However, taking some simple steps can help to ensure that a fissured tongue doesn't cause any health problems. Tongue fissures are deep grooves on the upper surface of a tongue. Fissures can give a tongue a pebble-like appearance. Some people are born with fissured tongue, while others develop tongue fissures from eating a poor diet, infections, or injuries. Tongue fissures don't hurt. However, food particles can get stuck in them and cause irritation and bad breath. If you have a fissured tongue, gently scrub it every time you brush your teeth. Using a mouth rinse can help remove food particles as well.
There is no known cause for fissured tongue, and therefore no known cure. It seems to fun in families, so some causes might be genetic and are therefore incurable.

Fissured tongue is commonly associated with an underlying condition, and so whether fissured tongue can be cured in these cases may depend upon the related condition.

In some cases, fissured tongue occurs as a result of an irritant, such as tobacco, spicy food, or toxin. If an irritant causes fissured tongue, avoiding the irritant may prevent its occurrence. In still other cases, fissured tongue results from trauma to the tongue, such as chewing or biting down on the tongue. The chewing may occur during sleep or stress, in which case preventive measures can be adopted.

Often the tongue will heal on its own, but the problem may happen again.

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