What are the developmental stages of babies from 12 to 24 months?

Children go through a great deal of rapid development between ages 1 and 2. Many babies start to take their first steps by 12 or 13 months and ought to be walking alone by 18 months. Other motor skills developing during this time include:

  • pulling toys behind when walking
  • beginning to run
  • standing on tiptoes
  • kicking and throwing a ball

Important verbal and social development skills typically noted during 12 to 24 months are:

  • following simple commands (at first when the adult speaks and gestures, and then later with words alone)
  • getting objects from another room when asked
  • pointing to a few body parts when asked
  • pointing to interesting objects or events to get you to look at them, too
  • bringing things to you to show you
  • pointing to objects so you will name them

At this age, babies will name a few common objects and pictures when asked and should learn about one new word per week between 1½ and 2 years of age. They will use gestures and words with you or with a favorite stuffed animal or doll. By age 2, children should be able to use simple two-word phrases. Also around this age, children start to enjoy pretending (for example, pretending they are cleaning the house).

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