How can I develop phonemic awareness in my child?

Lynne Kenney
Phonological awareness sometimes refers to an awareness that words consist of syllables and phonemes (segments of words or groupings of sound). Phonemic awareness can be developed through a number of activities, including asking children beginning in preschool (age 3) to:

  1. have fun with your child teaching him rhymes
  2. clap the rhythm of syllables
  3. identify and categorize sounds
  4. blend sounds to form words
  5. delete or add sounds to form new words
  6. substitute sounds to make new words

Prior to three years of age, taking with your baby, describing what you see in the environment, naming objects and playing are central to learning to read later on. No need to rush baby, learning is scaffolded. Baby needs to develop oral-motor tone, learn sound formation and recognize symbol word relationships before reading.

After age three, read with your child. Practice phonics with your child. Enjoy playing with sounds through music, clapping and movement.

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