What is one way to improve my relationship with my doctor?

Jennifer N. Caudle, DO
Family Medicine
One way to improve your relationship with your doctor is simply to be honest. In this video, family medicine specialist Jennifer Caudle, DO, explains why it's key to be open with your doctor, so you can work together to achieve your optimal health.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
When you reflect on the important people in your life, you may not necessarily think of your doctor. Yet maintaining this relationship is essential to your wellbeing. The relationship between patient and physician is one that has evolved substantially with the dawn of the digital age. With a breadth of medical information now available, patients have the opportunity -- and responsibility -- to advocate for their own health and wellness.

Informed smart patients are able to open up the conversation. This alone will nurture your relationship with your doctor and create a more dynamic and satisfying experience with the medical system. The responsibility of your health should be shared between you and your doctor. As you work to strengthen your connection, your physician will always do their best to meet you halfway.
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