What are the essential things I should discuss with my doctor?

II’s easy to feel hurried or rushed when visiting your healthcare provider. At a minimum, you should make sure you discuss:
•your medical history;
•your family history;
•your symptoms;
•your lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, and stress;
•current medicines you take, including over-the- counter drugs;
•nutritional and herbal supplements you take;
•any side effects you have from your medicine(s), especially if it makes you feel sick or if you think you may be allergic to it.
Joane Goodroe

Before you go to the doctor, think about your concerns and questions you want answered. If you have developed some new symptom (headache, nausea, tingling, pain, etc...) be sure to document when it started, how often it happens, and other pertinent information. This will help the doctor determine what tests, medications or other things need to be done to follow up with your concerns. 

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