Can using a cell phone affect hearing?

Cell phone use could be one of the causes of tinnitus -- a little-understood condition that causes distracting ringing, buzzing, humming, or other low-level sounds in the ears.

Ring, Ring . . .

In a study, researchers examined a group of people who already had tinnitus, as well as a group of people of a similar age who didn't. And after doing ear exams and hearing tests and surveying people about their cell habits and history, researchers discovered that the risk of tinnitus was about 71% higher among people who used their mobile phones at least 10 minutes a day. The odds of having the condition were also doubled in people who'd been using a cell phone for at least 4 years.

Stay Tuned

It's one of the first studies on the topic, and much more research is needed to confirm whether cell phones are definitely one of the causes of tinnitus development. But researchers theorize that exposing the cochlea and auditory pathway to microwave energy for prolonged periods of time might not do our ears any favors. Still, a number of things are believed to contribute to tinnitus, including environmental noise exposure, so it's not clear how significant the dangers of cell phones contribute in the grand scheme of things. If you'd like to limit your cell phone use anyway, try a hands-free device or consider a landline for extended calls.

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