How can healing touch help children?

For children with chronic diseases, touch can alleviate symptoms and let them live a more normal life. In fact, researchers say 15 minutes of massage a day can help a diabetic child's glucose levels remain in the normal range and improve an asthmatic child's pulmonary functions.

Further studies show a strong link between touch and emotional development. Infants of the Netsilik Inuit of the Canadian Arctic are very calm and cry very little. This is thought to be because they are almost constantly carried on their mothers’ backs and can communicate with their mothers through touch. In one study done at the Child Development Program at Montreal Children’s Hospital, researchers asked volunteer mothers to carry their babies for at least 3 hours a day. They then compared their crying patterns with those of a group of babies who weren’t carried. The babies who were held more cried less.
Miracle Touch: A Complete Guide to Hands-On Therapies That Have the Amazing Ability to Heal

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Miracle Touch: A Complete Guide to Hands-On Therapies That Have the Amazing Ability to Heal

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The Healing Power of Touch
The Healing Power of Touch

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