What should I avoid while taking Doryx?

Because Doryx increases the sensitivity of your skin to sunlight, you should avoid direct sun exposure or protect your skin with clothing or sunscreen when outdoors. Do not use sun lamps or tanning beds. Your skin will be sensitive while taking this drug and for a few days after you finish your medication. You should avoid lying down or going to bed for 30 minutes after taking Doryx. If possible, do not take medicines that interact with Doryx, as they may decrease the potency of Doryx or increase the side effects of your other medications. Those medications containing iron, calcium, aluminum, magnesium or zinc (such as vitamins and antacids) should be taken one hour before or four hours after taking Doryx.

If you are using birth control pills, you should use a back-up method of contraception in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. In addition, do not attempt to become pregnant while taking this medication, as it may affect fetal development. If you are breast-feeding, your doctor may recommend that you stop temporarily so that you do not expose your child to Doryx. If you are taking Doryx to treat a sexually transmitted disease, you should not have intercourse until after you have completed your therapy. Your sexual partner also should be tested and possibly treated in order to avoid becoming infected again. If you are taking Doryx for malaria, you still need to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

If you are infected with malaria, avoiding mosquito exposure also can decrease the transmission of this disease to others. Protective measures include: staying inside of mosquito nets, wearing protective clothing and using insect repellent. If you develop diarrhea after taking Doryx, do not take any treatments without approval or prescription from your doctor. Self-treatment may worsen your condition.

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