What type of resistance training should I do in the tennis off-season?

In off-season tennis training, focus on recovering from the last season and preparing the body for the next competitive season by starting off with light weights and then progressing into moderately heavier weights. In the early part of the off-season training, focus on injury prevention and muscular endurance. This should be accomplished through low weight, high repetition movements that are done on an unstable surface or in unstable ways to challenge the nervous system and correct muscle imbalances. Good examples are single-leg squats or dumbbell chest press on a ball performed for three to five sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions. In the later part of the off-season training, focus on increasing muscular strength and size. This is best accomplished by using moderate to high weight resistance in more stable environments. Examples are squats or a bench press performed for three to five sets of eight to twelve repetitions. Perform workouts two to five times a week and allow the body ample rest before taxing the same muscles again.

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