How do I release the tension in my lower back from tennis?

Tension in the low back is the result of imbalances between groups of muscles around that particular joint. The first step is to foam roll the tight areas of the low back, the hip flexors, and the sides of your legs. After loosening up tension, lengthen the altered muscles using static stretching. Hold the static stretches for thirty to sixty seconds to stretch out and lengthen the hip flexors, IT band, hamstrings, and low back. The next step is to strengthen the weakened muscles of the core and gluteals. Start with exercises like planks for the core and single-leg squats or single-leg cable hip extensions for the gluteals. Perform two to three sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions, two to three times a week. After two to four weeks, transition into strength exercises like medicine ball crunches on a stability ball for increased core strength and squats for the gluteals and hips. Perform two to three sets of eight to ten repetitions, two to three times a week for four to eight weeks. During this entire time, continue to foam roll tight areas and stretch daily before and after the workout.

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