What treatments are available to whiten teeth?

You have several different options for whitening your teeth:

  • Chairside or in-office bleaching. Performed by a dentist in the office, chairside bleaching uses a peroxide gel to whiten your teeth. The process usually takes up to an hour.
  • Take-home whitening kit. Your dentist custom-makes bleaching trays to fit your mouth and gives you a peroxide gel to use at home. You wear the gel-filled trays for an hour or so or overnight for up to two weeks.
  • Over-the-counter whitening kits. OTC kits use a less powerful bleaching agent in the form of a gel, and trays, strips, or paint-on applicator. You may not be as pleased with results because the trays and strips may not fit your teeth well, which can cause uneven whitening; the strips only cover your front teeth, which may cause uneven tooth color.

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