How does the tray method for tooth whitening work?

In the tray method, your dentist takes impressions of your mouth, from which carefully molded trays are formed. These trays are thin and light to wear. The patient adds a small amount of liquid to the tray and proceeds to wear them from two to six hours per day until the desired whitening is achieved. This process usually takes two weeks. The trays are kept and can be used again for touch-ups. The cost of this procedure is approximately $400.00.

The tray method for tooth whitening works by pouring a peroxide bleaching solution into a tray that looks like a mouth guard. You then wear the tray over your teeth for four to eight hours, and possibly overnight. Continue applying the bleaching solution and wearing the tray until your teeth are as white as you want. Depending on the amount of discoloration, it may take about four weeks to sufficiently whiten your teeth. 

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